Lap Dance

Exotic Lap Dancing and Paintings of Pole Dancers Line My Bedroom Walls – Portion Two

I looked at him stunned and perplexed at the identical time. “Why, What is the matter?” I mentioned considering maybe he was complaining about the fumes from my oil paints. I would surely have an understanding of that.

“There is a Christian book shop correct more than there! ” he mentioned pointing his shaking finger in the path of the shop he worried about.

Yes, there is was, not far more than 300 yards away from me. Nevertheless it was not as if I had an exotic lap dancer or pole dancer in my painting. There was absolutely nothing displaying as I pointed out. Ultimately I answered his protest with, “I never have an understanding of, what is it that you consider you are seeing?”

“Nicely, nicely… nicely,” he sputtered and spun. He then looked at me as if to ask for enable in answering my personal query.

“There is ‘nothing’ there to see, what IS IT that you consider you are seeing,” I mentioned lastly.
He could not answer. I could have helped him along I guess. I could have told him that what he feared was the ’emotion’ of sex. He also could have admitted it. We could have talked about it in a grown up and sensible way. That is of course what it was. He feared the emotion that showed on the woman’s face.

Why? What is it that he feared so a lot? Did he consider a kid would have understood the ‘look’ on the woman’s face? Was it that individuals going into the Christian book shop had by no means had that appear on their personal face? Or was it that he feared the appear was not permitted on his?

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Kathy Ostman-Magnusen Fantasy Art Lady

I am a figurative artist and illustrator living in Hawaii. Most of my operate is painted in oils. I also do sculpture. I illustrated for Hay Home Inc.,”Ladies Who Do As well A lot” CARDS taken from Anne Wilson Schaef’s book. I also illustrated for Neil Davidson, who was regarded as for the Pulitzer Prize in function writing, and quite a few other publications. My paintings are collected worldwide.

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